Welcome to FHI

Fly Higher (FHI) is a nonprofit that enables young people by empowering them to deal effectively with the challenges of life, using a creative Life Skills approach.

Learning becomes more effective when it is combined with activity and fun. Children learn better when they see goodness around them (inspiration) as well as when they set examples for themselves (introspection). That is why knowledge combined with activity and interaction ensures superior and long lasting erudition. Children learn not by what they are told, but what they ‘feel’ within themselves after they have been exposed to that learning. We at Fly Higher (FHI) include experiential learning tasks in our programs and group workshops for children. This not only facilitates activity-assisted acquiring, it is a good platform for building social skills and enhancing the social quotient (SQ) of the child. This helps them to interact with peers and offers opportunity to learn from other students besides teachers.

Fly Higher (FHI) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified non-profit initiative with a focus to instil life skills in underprivileged children and youth.


We undertake monthly projects to conduct activity based learning programs. Each project has a different theme touching specific life skills like Creativity and innovation – Effective communication – Lateral thinking – Logical reasoning – Assertiveness – Critical thinking – Problem solving – Decision making – Self-awareness – Management of interpersonal relationships. This ensures optimum and well rounded learning and development in children.

Our goal is to ensure children and youth develop life skills and be better prepared for adult life.