Venue: Champion Girls Home, Hoodi,
Bangalore – 560048
School Coordinator: Ms. Rajshri
FHI Volunteer’s name: Nishi Prabha
Names of children: Namrata, Darshini, Lakshmi, Gagana, Keerthi (L to R)
Theme of the event & the activity: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. The volunteer and the children together made photo frames out of old newspaper and toffee wrappers
The children not only learnt to use waste material to make beautiful articles and showcase their creativity, they also learnt to work as a Team. While Gagana became the Team captain, she assigned Namrata, Darshini & Lakshmi to roll the paper while she would check them, seal the rolls with
glue and then stick the rolls to the frame. Keerthi was assigned the task of making the flowers which would eventually enhance the look of the frames. The team completed the task the fastest, produced the best looking frame and thoroughly enjoyed the activity. FHI volunteer Nishi kept a close watch on the kids and helped them cut paper whenever need be and together they cleaned the place on completion.
School Coordinator Feedback: Ms. Rajshri was delighted to see the children work so well and create beautiful articles. She asked us to visit the school again soon and was happy to see the kids spend a meaningful Sunday.