Poverty Begets Poverty by Uppasana Baruah

By Volunteer Uppasana Baruah, FHI Guwahati  As Sita’s mother asks her to fetch her some water, I, sitting next to the fire, look at both the mother and daughter with awe. Radha, Sita’s mother, is so adept at jewellery making that I find myself convinced there’s no one who could make them better than her….

A paradise on earth by Selvalakshmi

By Volunteer Selvalakshmi Arullselvam, FHI Pondicherry Today, I feel thankful. Thankful for people like them. I walked in carrying two boxes, drenched and leaking, into their houses as the rains finally gave a break. Lead by Ma, my sister and I trudged along, into this “Paradise” – that’s what we called this place, back at…